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Adding Value to your Home with Curb Appeal

August 6, 2020
With interest rates at record lows, many homeowners are choosing to sell or refinance their homes. But how can they ensure that their home stands out from the competition and can maximize their profits? One of the quickest ways to add instant value and curb appeal is landscaping. Beds that have been tended to give buyers the impression that the home is well maintained. 
1. Clean up the weeds/ trim bushes
First, clean up your flowerbeds. Remove all the weeds, and be sure to remove any overgrown plants and bushes. 
2. Add new mulch
Once you have cleaned the beds, be sure to add a fresh layer of mulch.  
3. Add a pop of color with flowers and decorative pots
A pop of color will draw the buyers to your home.  Place some colorful planters at the entrance of your home, which can turn that area into a focal point. 
4. Paint your shutters or door
Painting your shutters or doors will add great interest to your house, but it is also a great way to give your home an updated look.  
5. Update lights
replacing outdated light fixtures can make your home feel more modern, and it also adds to the security of your home.
6.Powerwash your house and driveway 
Finally,  be sure to give your home a good scrubbing.  Once your home is sparkling, the potential buyer will be able to see your home's best features instead of focusing on dirt. 
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