Moving with Pets- How to Reduce Their Stress

Moving Tips

April 19th, 2022

We’ve all heard that moving is one of the top five more stressful events that people can go through. While your pets are not involved in the packing and decluttering process, it’s also a stressful time for them. With all the change, noise from the movers and a new environment can be challenging for a pet. With a few simple steps, you can help your pet transition through the moving process.

1) Get your pets used to the moving supplies
Change is hard for everyone involved and even more so for cats. To ease the transition into packing, begin by introducing boxes and packing supplies into a familiar area. This allows them to get used to the items and feel more comfortable with them being in their home. Plus, what pet doesn’t love playing with tissue paper and boxes?

2) Make a safe and quiet area for them to decompress.
The best way to reduce stress is to keep them in a quiet and safe space during the move. The noise and constant change can significantly increase the levels of stress for your pet. One way to accomplish this is that you can kennel your pet or have them stay with a family member or friend. However, if this is not an option, set aside one room for your pet with all the items they need. Be sure to check in with your pet throughout the day and reassure them.

3) Keep the same routine
By maintaining the same routine, your pet will know what to expect and feel reassured. First, continue to feed and let them out at the exact times every day as you usually do. A move is exhausting, be sure not to skip taking them on walks or playtime. An animal with extra energy can lead to more anxiety.

4) Create an overnight bag
During the move, items can be all over the place. Before everything gets chaotic, gather up all the items your pet will need for the first few days. Have a bag prepared with their food, bowls, and favorite toys.

5) Be sure to have secure transportation.
If your pet is not used to their crate or being transported, this can be a massive source of stress. To prepare your pet, begin by creating a positive association with their crate by placing food or treats in the crate with the door open. Allow your pet to take their time when going into and exploring the crate. Once you are done with the training, give lots of praise and treats as positive reinforcement. Some animals need extra support and cant be jostled. Be sure that the crate is secured within the transportation method.

5) Introduce your pet to the new home slowly.
Start the transition to the new home by allowing them to adjust to one room in the new house. This area should include their food, water, toys, and bed. Try to make this area as familiar as possible with their favorite things. This allows them to have a safe space within their new environment. It is best to keep them in this space for a few days to decompress from the stress of the move. Once they are more comfortable, introduce them to other rooms within their new home. Be sure to keep their “home base” accessible throughout this whole time.

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