Small Kitchen, Smart Solutions: Get Organized and Enjoy Your Cooking Space

May 2nd, 2024

Small kitchen with white cabinets
Does your kitchen feel cramped and like you're always in need of more storage space? Don't let your tiny kitchen cramp your culinary style! IncaAztec Self Storage is here to help you transform it from cluttered and cramped to an organized space to whip up all your favorite dishes. Check out our tips and tricks for a small but organized kitchen.

First, it's time to tackle the kitchen clutter. Begin by removing everything from your cabinets and drawers. This allows you to see how many items you own and helps give you a fresh start. You may find quite a few things you forgot you even own! Donate or eliminate items you haven't used in the last six months, as they are taking up space now. Those unwanted items can find a new life in someone else's kitchen. As you sort through everything, pay close attention to expiration dates. Who knew that spices expire? Expired spices, condiments, and packaged foods can compromise your cooking. By removing these items, you'll improve your cooking and have space for items you use daily.
Now, it's time to get organized. Once you're done, you'll never have to dig through cabinets for a misplaced item again. Here are some quick tips on how to start getting organized:·

  1. Group similar items together: This means reuniting lids with their Tupperware container or pots/pans and ensuring every water bottle has a lid. Be sure to eliminate or replace items that no longer have matching lids. No, you probably won't find the fitting lid eventually! You can significantly reduce the amount of clutter by getting rid of unmatched items. You can also group items into categories such as baking, silverware, storage, and appliances. Having all the items in one place makes it much easier to look for an item in the future. ·
  2. Utilize storage solutions: Drawer dividers, cabinet organizers, and shelf risers can greatly help when organizing. They create designated areas for all your kitchen essentials, like pots and pans, dishes, and baking supplies, and ensure you are not looking everywhere for a lid. When it comes to organizing your kitchen, think practically. Consider how you use your kitchen and where you spend the most time. For instance, keep your baking supplies near the oven for easy access. It's all about efficiency. Would you store your pans on the other side of the kitchen while cooking on the stove? By strategically placing your items, you'll be able to find what you need quickly and make the most of your kitchen's layout.
  3. Capitalizing on Vertical Space Walls and unused corners offers valuable real estate to maximize storage and organize your kitchen. By utilizing your wall space, you will be more organized and clear up valuable counter space, too!·: Utilize pot racks, hanging organizers, or utensil hooks to keep often-used items within reach. This frees up valuable drawers and cabinet space for other items. Shelves are a great way to create usable storage space and add a fun or decorative touch. They are a great way to show off decorative items, plates, or even your cookbooks! This lets you personalize your kitchen and keeps things organized without sacrificing valuable counter space.·
  4. Don't forget the doors! Doors have valuable storage space as well. You can install over-the-door organizers that can hold spices, cleaning supplies, or even oven mitts. This is a great way to maximize every inch of your kitchen and hide some unsightly clutter.

There are many ways to add storage space and streamline your kitchen. With a few clever tricks, you can reduce the amount of kitchen clutter without losing functionality.·

  • Think outside the box: Rolling carts and islands aren't just what every small kitchen needs! They offer extra storage for small appliances and pantry items, and the top doubles as an extra counter space or a prep area. It's important that every piece within your kitchen has a purpose. ·
  • Multi-tasking items: Invest in expandable shelves, pot-and-pan organizers, and cutting boards that can also be used as colanders. These multi-use tools add functionality to your space.
  • ·Use containers: Clear containers for dry goods like pasta, rice, and cereal are a great way to streamline your pantry. They save space and let you see what you have on hand at a glance (no more emergency ingredient runs!).

By implementing these space-saving strategies, you've transformed your tiny kitchen into a functional and organized haven. Remember, a small kitchen doesn't have to limit your culinary creativity. With some planning and clever hacks, you can now cook delicious meals and culinary masterpieces without feeling cramped or overwhelmed. So, grab your favorite ingredients, unleash your inner chef, and get ready to create something amazing!

If you still need more space, consider renting a self-storage unit. You can safely store the items you use less often and free up valuable kitchen space. Call one of our thirty-six locations today, and we will find the right unit for you!

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